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Technical club ideal vaping technology that is entirely straighforward.

Technical club ideal vaping technology that is entirely straighforward.


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The perfect vaping tool which is absolutely straight forward

The technical pub is a very nice fantastic throw-away vape appliance. Goes prefilled with easy 20mg nicotine sodium elizabeth fluid and a completely charged electric battery. So easy and simple to use. Just get rid of the equipment from box and you are really all set. No buttons to push, inhale to vape. After vacant, basically lose and seize a replacement. The technical club works using a 500mAH power supply, has a 2ml prefilled potential aquarium and gives at any rate 575 puffs, very similar to doing 40 tobacco.

Title nerd club comes from title for the vendor Geekvape.

The nerd pub is created by Geekvape. Geekvape is conceptualized in 2015 as a cutting-edge innovation company. And it is at this point considered to be a world-renowned manufacturer of top-quality vaping systems, tanks and coils.

Over 5 years of vaping creativity modern technology and reports have served to master the nerd club vape disposable appliance innovation and design.

The nerd pub is created in Asia

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Understanding what exactly is a nerd club?

The technical pub are a disposable vape technology which comes pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine sodium high quality age water.

The 2ml e water capacity offers at the very least 575 delicious puffs. Very similar to 40 plus conventional smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine sodium age drinks tends to be absorbed into your computer more quickly than standard freebase smoking e fluids and offer a quicker nicotine reach to successfully match your nicotine appetite, similar to that of a traditional smoke.

Each technical club vape keeps a 2ml age fluid potential container. And will come prefilled with 2ml of superior good quality age liquid with 20mg nic salt and brings 575 consistent tasting puffs, very similar to 48 cigarette smoking.

Starring Geekvapes continual result and a frequent style technique for your whole longevity of the battery. Each puff you adopt about a geek club features a frequent preference from start to finish.

It comes with a completely recharged 500 mAH lithium-ion battery pack. The larger 500 maH electric battery present a constant vape and style per of the 575 plus puffs.

The technical bar vape utilizes top-quality natural pure cotton for its wick. Herbal cotton provides the finest degree of flavor for the individual when compared to different wicking content.

Each device is colored for the matching pre-filled age water flavor with a carved jewel type with a magnificent aesthetics outer layer using top-notch plastic.

The shape with the pub is ergonomic, excessively responsive and thinks great in your hands. The clean outer cover and ergonomic mouthpiece was a total pleasure to use.

All Geekbars are hermetically secured in a bag before getting loaded into a box to ensure the merchandise is completely sterile.

Calculating 105 times 23.2 x 14.3 mm and evaluating around 30 g a person wont even understand it is with you.

In general this can be a terrific and stylish design and style earned utilizing the top quality materials and equipment which gives a terrific vaping experiences for all the consumer.

Technical taverns are generally ideal for all vapers. However, it is ultimately fitted to newbie vapers transitioning from puffing to vaping.

So convenient to use easy and thoroughly clean

Simply remove the nerd club within the field plus its prepared vape.

Just breathe to the mouthpiece to vape. There aren’t any buttons to click, it’s automatically inhale-activated.

Simply pop they with you and aside you’re going. Once you’ve consumed those pre-filled age water. Only remove they correctly and seize a fresh one.

It is rather convenient. No control keys to mistakenly push on. No need to recharge, it comes down fully pre-charged. Entirely prefilled and leak-proof. There are no messy container refills or coil variations need.

What Geek pub flavours are accessible?

Geek bars can be bought in 20 identifiable mixed flavours with a real soft preferences: blueberry ice, pleasing strawberry, apple frost, watermelon ice, menthol, cigarette, bitter orchard apple tree, lychee frost, banana frost, peach ice, strawberry ice-cream, grape, fruit tart, love fruit, environmentally friendly apple, blueberry bubble gum, pink lemonade, blueberry bitter berry, technical berg and blackcurrant menthol.

Amongst the most common technical pub flavours becoming: blueberry snow, banana snow, peach ice, nice strawberry and watermelon snow because order.

Nerd bar specification

Size: 105 x 23.2 by 14.3 mm

Fat: 30 grams

Battery pack: 500mAH integrated battery

Inner tank capacity: 2ml

Puffs: 575 puffs

Nicotine content material: 20mg nic salts

Coil unresponsiveness: 1.40 1.50 ohm coil

Highest run: 9 watts

Package items: 1 x technical club

Solitary and multibuy provides

All unmarried and multibuy provide rates consist of no-cost following day distribution for every requests with no lowest invest. All ordering become provided via house post superb provider.

Nerd pub bulk purchase

For technical pub mass purchase you should go and visit the multibuy gives, the larger you get the actual greater you save.

Low cost nerd bars

If you’re searching for less technical pubs kindly check out our personal wonderful multi-buy sales. Plus complimentary overnight transport on all assignments.

TPD conforming remedies

All geekbars devices and age liquid are actually totally tpd certified treatments

For more information on technical bar production

To help you to discover additional info about nerd bar services and products in the UK online.

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