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GPT 40 MM Grass Specification Sheet

Legend Description Tolerance
Formation Landscape Grass
Color Four Color
Packaging Roll Width: 2.00m
Roll Length: 25.00m
Turf Characteristics Production Process: Tufted Cut Pile
Composition: Polyethylene + Polypropylene
Structure: Mono Mixed Grass
Yarn Count: PE + PP 12000
Dtex: 12000/Sqm +/-5%
Pile height: 40mm +/-5%
Gauge: 3/8inch
Number of stitches/10cm: 20 +/-5%
Tuft per m2: 20995 +/-5%
Yarn weight: 2128g/sqm +/-10%
Tuft withdrawal force: =>35Newton
UV Stability: Yes
Installation Method: Loose Laid on Bound or Unbound sub Base
Backing Characteristics Primary Backing: 100% PP, UV Stabilised
Backing cloth: PP Cloth+Net Backing
Water Permeability: >250 ml per minute per 100cm2
Weight per unit: 200g/sqm
Type of coating: SBR (DOW)
Coating weight: 300g/sqm (Dry) +/-10%
Total backing weight: 500g/sqm
Total carpet weight: 2628g/sqm +/-11%
Infill: Silica Sand, Gradation 0,5-1,0mm